Best oil paints for beginners

Best oil paints for beginners: Product Round up

Best oil paints for beginners


The Ohuhu Oil Paint Set is one of the best oil paints for both beginners and experienced artists. With its wide range of vibrant colors, it allows artists to unleash their creativity on canvas. The set is easy to use and non-toxic, making it suitable for artists of all ages. Its affordable price and high-quality pigments provide great value for money. Whether you’re a beginner starting your artistic journey or an experienced artist looking for a thoughtful gift, the Ohuhu Oil Paint Set is definitely worth considering.

  • The Ohuhu Oil Paint Set offers a wide range of vibrant colors, including 24 oil-based colors. This gives artists a good selection to work with and allows for more creativity in their artworks.
  • This paint set is great value for the price. It provides a large supply of paint, making it suitable for both beginners and professional painters. It is also a perfect gift for occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthdays.
  • The Ohuhu Oil Paint Set is portable and travel-friendly. Whether you’re painting in the countryside, beach, garden, park, city, or indoors, you can easily take this set with you to capture the sights and sounds of your surroundings.
  • Some users mentioned that the white paint in this set doesn’t have enough pigment. This may affect the opacity and coverage of the paint, especially when working with lighter colors or creating highlights.
  • The drying time of oil paints is typically longer compared to other mediums like acrylic. This means artists need to wait for the paint to dry before applying additional layers or making adjustments to their artwork.
  • A few users mentioned that the oil paints tend to leak a bit from the tubes. While this may not be a major issue, it can be messy and require extra cleaning or precautions when working with the paints.

The Castle Art Supplies Oil Paint Set is another top choice for artists. It exceeds expectations with its reasonable price, quality, and versatility. This set offers a great selection of colors and a smooth texture, making it easy to apply and blend. It caters to both beginners and advanced artists, delivering excellent performance and reliability. The positive reviews and high rating speak to its quality. If you’re looking to explore the world of oil painting, I highly recommend the Castle Art Supplies Oil Paint Set.

  • The Castle Art Supplies oil paint set comes with a curated range of alluring colors, making it simple for artists to be inspired and create their masterpiece.
  • The 24 tubes of oil paint are arranged in two rows of easy-to-pick color families, providing convenience and organization for artists.
  • The oil paints are formulated with a balance of oil and pigment, delivering a firm, smooth, and consistent texture that artists can take pleasure in while creating their artwork.
  • Some users have mentioned that the oil content in the paint is too high, resulting in thinner paint consistency. This may not be suitable for artists who prefer thicker paint.
  • One reviewer mentioned that the set does not include titanium white, which is a commonly used color. This may be inconvenient for artists who require this color for their artwork.
  • Another user expressed a desire for larger tubes of paint for a reasonable price. This may be a drawback for artists who require larger quantities of paint for their projects.

The ARTEZA Oil Paint Set is a quality product that offers great value for its price, making it one of the best oil paints for artists. With its variety of vibrant colors and optimal coverage, this set is suitable for artists of all levels. The smooth texture and easy blending capabilities make it a favorite among both beginners and experienced artists. The ARTEZA Oil Paint Set has made a positive impact on many artists’ creative journeys and is highly recommended for anyone looking to create stunning artworks.

  • Intensely Pigmented Colors: This oil paint set includes 24 vibrant colors, allowing artists to create rich and expressive artwork. The highly pigmented oil paints make this set suitable for beginners and professional artists alike.
  • Optimal Coverage: Each color in this oil painting set is crafted to provide excellent coverage. Whether you’re working on detailed pieces or large-scale projects, these oil paints deliver the performance you need to create depth and detail in your artwork.
  • Safe and Conformant: All the oil paints in this set conform to ASTM D-4236 standards, ensuring safety for artists of all experience levels. You can use these oil-based paints with peace of mind, knowing that they meet the necessary safety requirements.
  • Limited Tube Sizes: The tubes in this set contain 12ml/0.4 US fl oz of paint, which may be considered small for artists working on larger projects. If you require larger quantities of paint, you’ll need to purchase additional sets or individual tubes.
  • Limited Availability of Single Tubes: If you run out of a specific color, you’ll need to purchase a whole new set of 24 tubes. This can be inconvenient if you only need to replenish a single color and don’t want to invest in a complete set.
  • Limited Quantity of White Paint: The set only includes one tube of white paint, which may not be sufficient for artists who frequently use titanium white. If you require a larger amount of white paint, you may need to purchase additional tubes separately.

The Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Color Paint Starter Set is an excellent choice for artists of all skill levels. It is considered one of the best oil paints available. The affordability of this set, combined with its high-quality pigmentation and good covering power, makes it a worthwhile investment. While it may be necessary to purchase additional tubes of certain colors, the overall value and performance of these oil paints cannot be denied. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced painter, the Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Color Paint Starter Set provides the necessary tools to create stunning artworks.

  • Ideal for student and amateur artists or more accomplished painters requiring large volumes of color within moderate cost limits.
  • A high level of pigmentation provides good covering power and tinting strength.
  • Introductory set that includes ten 37ml tubes.
  • One reviewer mentioned that the set did not include the color Sap Green as advertised, which may be disappointing for those who specifically need that color for their paintings.
  • Another reviewer mentioned that the texture of the paint is not as thick as they prefer, although this is a personal preference and may not be an issue for everyone.
  • The set’s titanium white tube was larger than the other tubes, which may be useful for some, but may not be ideal for those who prefer equal sizes for all colors.

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