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Today we’ll be taking a look at How to draw a body, this is also known as figure drawing; it’s the process of creating a visual representation of the human form. In this blog post you will discover how to draw a body step by step with ease. The human body is one of the most complex and intricate objects that we can attempt to draw. As such, many artists feel daunted by the prospect of drawing figures from scratch. Fortunately, learning how to draw a body doesn’t need to be overwhelming or intimidating. With the right mixture of practice and guidance, you too can learn how to draw a body in no time!

How to draw a body: Step by step

When you’re ready to get started on this tutorial, let’s begin by breaking down the process of how to draw a body. This tutorial is designed for both the beginner and intermediate artist who wants to draw figures from scratch. This tutorial will walk you through the process of drawing the human body from the head down to the feet. We will be covering the following: – How to draw the head – How to draw the face – How to draw the torso – How to draw the arms and hands – How to draw the legs and feet Let’s get started!

Things you’ll need

– Paper – You’ll need a sketchbook or plain paper to draw on. Something between 9×12 and 11×14 inches (22×28 centimeters) would be a good choice. – Pencil – You will need a good quality pencil to begin the tutorial. We recommend a HB (#2) or a 2B lead. Alternatively, you could use a graphite pencil or a charcoal pencil. – Eraser – An eraser is essential for removing unwanted lines and for clean up work. – A ruler – A ruler will help you to create geometric shapes and lines that are both straight and accurate. – A pencil sharpener – You will need to keep your pencil sharp so that it creates clean lines.

Draw a vertical line

The first step when learning how to draw a body is to create a vertical line. This line will help to create a visual guide for the rest of the head and the body. We recommend drawing the vertical line either on the right or left of the page. To create the line, simply take your pencil and carefully draw a vertical line on the page. The line should be drawn close to the top of the paper.

Draw the second vertical line and the guidelines

The next step in learning how to draw a body is to draw a second vertical line, this time 2/3rds from the bottom of the paper. The second line should be parallel to the first line. We then need to connect the two lines with a series of lines that run horizontally across the paper. These will act as guidelines, helping us to create the overall shape of the body.

Drawing the torso

The next step in learning how to draw a body is to begin the torso. To start, begin the torso by drawing a square-like shape in the middle of the page. The shape should be big enough to fit the head inside. Let’s add the shoulders by drawing two small ovals above the torso. At this point, the torso should resemble a sketch of a stick figure.

Drawing the limbs

The next step in learning how to draw a body is to draw the limbs. To begin, draw a rectangle for each leg and a small rectangle for each foot. The majority of the leg and foot should be below the guidelines. The feet don’t need to be drawn in their entirety; simply the toes are sufficient. Let’s now move onto the arms. When drawing the arms, start with a small rectangle for the upper arm, a small rectangle for the forearm, and a small rectangle for the hand. The arms should be placed below the shoulders.


Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to draw a body from scratch. This is a very important skill for any artist to have. When learning how to draw a body, it’s important to practice often. Drawing figures is a skill that takes time to develop. With enough practice, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your skills will improve.


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