How to draw a peacock


How to Draw a Peacock – Simple Step-By-Step Drawing Tutorial


In the animal kingdom, peacocks stand out for their striking looks and vibrant feathers. In fact, they’re so eye-catching that even their name comes from the brilliant plumes on their tail – peafowl are officially called “blue peafowl” because of the blue feathers in their tail.


With that in mind, if you want to draw a peacock as accurately as possible, this tutorial will come in handy! If you love birds or simply like learning about different species, there’s no better way to do it than by drawing them from memory. After reading this article and looking at the step-by-step tutorial below, you’ll be able to tackle any feathered friend that catches your eye…or feather.


How to draw a peacock

How to draw a peacock


Step 1: Sketch a guide

Before you begin to draw a peacock, you might want to look up some reference images online and make some quick sketches yourself. This will help you get the outlines of your drawing right before you start sketching on paper. For the peacock, it’s a good idea to sketch the body and feathers at the same time, as they both have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the bird. The sketch should be simple and quick, but it should still capture the bird’s proportions – the length of the beak, the length of the feet, the width of the chest, etc.


Step 2: Draw the body

The peacock’s body is rather unique; it has a long and slender chest, large feet, and a small head and beak. The body is long and slender, so you should make the chest wider than the head and beak. The feet are wide and round, so make them about half the width of the chest.


Step 3: Add the feathers

Feathers are what make a peacock a peacock, so they’re an essential part of the drawing. They’re found primarily on the tail and back, but they can also be seen on the neck and chest. To create the feathers, sketch small ovals and crescent-shaped curves. The ovals should be short and stubby, while the curves should be long and curved. As you’re sketching the feathers, keep in mind that the colours of peacock feathers differ based on their age. Adult birds have bright blue-green feathers, while younger birds have bronze-coloured feathers.


Step 4: Shade and add detail

At this point, your sketch should be almost done – all you have to do is add some shading. You can do this with coloured pencil or a black pen or marker. To make your peacock look 3-dimensional, it’s best to shade the feathers. The neck feathers should be darker, and the tail feathers should be lighter. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also add some detail to the drawing. You can add a few dots to make each feather look more realistic, or you can give the peacock a face by adding eyes, a beak, and a nostril.


Final Words

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll have a beautiful peacock drawing to show off to your friends and family. As you can see, drawing a peacock is not that complicated. It just requires a bit of practice and patience. If you’re having trouble with any of the steps, try to reread the article or watch the tutorial again.





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