How to draw a rose

How To Draw a Rose: The Simplest, Easiest Tutorial

If you’re looking for a way to bring more beauty and romance into your life, and learn how to draw a rose look no further than the humble rose. Roses have long been associated with love, beauty and romance, making them perfect subject matter for an art project. Whether you want to learn how to draw a rose or just need some guidance on how to recreate one in your own sketchbook, this tutorial should help get you started. Called the “Queen of Flowers” because of its significance as a symbol of love and beauty, the rose is not exactly easy to draw.


Step 1: Sketch a simplified shape of your rose first


While it’s perfectly fine to sketch out the entirety of your rose at once, it may be easier for beginners to break down the rose’s parts into smaller and simpler shapes. When sketching, think about how the rose’s parts (stem, leaf and petals) fit together.


A great way to start is by drawing a circle to represent the rose’s round bud, with lines coming out of the bud to represent the rose’s stem. The leaf of a rose is very simple, so you can draw a simple shape to represent it. After you’ve sketched out the rose’s parts in your sketchbook, you can then combine them into one image.

Step 2: Draw the stems and leaf

Once you’ve sketched out the rose bud, stems and leaf, it’s time to draw in the details. We recommend using a finer-tip pencil (or even a pen if you’re feeling extra precise) for all of your rose drawings, as it’s easier to see the lines you’re drawing with a sharper tip. First, draw the stems of your rose. Strong, thick stems are the key to a realistic looking rose, so make sure that your stems are drawn as thick as you can make them.


Since real roses have leaves attached to their stems, add the leaf to the bottom of your stems. The leaves on real roses are very large, so draw your leaf appropriately large and round. Make sure that your leaf is facing towards the bottom of the rose.

Step 3: Add the petals

Once you’ve drawn the stems and leaf, you can draw the petals of the rose. The petals of a rose are what gives a rose its unique shape and look, so pay careful attention to the way they’re drawn on your sketch. First, draw the general shape of the petals. Make sure that your petals are drawn as wide and long as a real rose petal is. While the shape may look right, the colour of your petals may not be accurate.


Real roses come in many different colours, so add a splash of colour to your petals by choosing a colour of your choice and adding it to your rose’s petals. Once you’ve sketched the general shape of your petals, it’s time to add some detail.

Step 4: Darken your lines and add shading

Once you have your basic rose sketched out, it’s time to add some shading and highlights to make your rose look more realistic. Darkening your lines may make them look thicker, so keep that in mind when adding shading. First, add shading to the rose’s bud. Buds are usually shaded to make them appear darker, so it’s important to add shading to your rose’s bud to make it look more realistic. Shading should be added above the rose’s bud. Next up are the rose’s petals. Petals can be shaded in a variety of ways.


Some artists choose to shade their petals, while others prefer to add highlights. If you decide to add highlights, make sure that they’re placed above the rose’s petals. Highlights are placed above the rose’s petals to make them appear more shiny and realistic.

Step 5: Final touches

Once you’ve shaded and highlighted your rose, it’s time to add some finishing touches to make it look even better. A rose without a stem is incomplete, so finish yours off by adding a stem. You can also add a few leaves to your rose’s stem if you’d like. If you’re drawing a rose from a bouquet or a vase, add a few leaves to the stem to signify that it’s part of a bouquet. Once your rose has a stem and a few leaves, it’s time to add a few buds to the end of your stem to signify new growth. You can also add a few roses to your rose to make it look like it’s growing in a bouquet. You can also add a few thorns to your rose to make it look more realistic.


When it comes to drawing, rose are a very common subject. But they are also very difficult to draw. It takes the right combination of skill and finesse to create an image of a rose that looks exactly like the real thing. If you’re having trouble drawing a rose, don’t get frustrated. The important thing is to keep trying. Keep practicing and sketching roses until you feel confident enough to draw one that looks real. Drawing is a skill that takes practice, so don’t get discouraged if you’re not great at it right away.


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