Must have copic marker colors: The Must-Have Premium Set for Serious Artists

The Copic Marker, Copic Sketch, Alcohol-based Markers, 72pc Set D is a premium set of markers made in Japan. With its fast-drying, low-odor, and non-toxic alcohol ink, it offers a smooth coloring experience without harming the paper. The set includes replaceable nibs for versatile drawing techniques and is ACMI certified for safety. Let’s delve into personal experiences to get a better understanding of this product.

I ordered two sets, A and D, and had a mixed experience. Set A, sold and shipped by Amazon, arrived with a cracked case and a few dried-out markers. However, I had no issues getting a replacement. On the other hand, set D arrived in great condition, with a perfect case and vibrant markers. The colors are beautiful, providing more options for blending. The only downside is that one set doesn’t offer many blending combinations.

must have copic marker: Premium Quality and Design

must have copic marker


Known for their premium quality and design, the Copic Sketch markers.. Made in Japan, these alcohol-based markers provide a fast-drying, transparent ink that will not harm the surface or fibers in the paper, allowing it to remain smooth. The ink used is low-odor and non-toxic, making it safe to use. Additionally, the oval barrel design of the markers ensures a comfortable grip, making it easier for artists to create their masterpieces.The markers also come with replaceable nibs, including a super brush and a medium broad nib. The flexible brush nib is perfect for blending, shading, and drawing both thick and thin strokes, while the broad nib is ideal for producing consistent lines and adding details to your creations. Moreover, the broad nib can be used with the Copic ABS (Airbrush system) for added versatility. With these replaceable nibs, artists can customize their markers to suit their preferences and artistic needs.

must have copic marker: Refillable and Environmentally Friendly

must have copic marker


With their refillable nature, one of the standout features of the Copic Sketch markers.. With a separate ink refill product called “Copic Ink,” artists can easily replenish their markers, saving money in the long run. This refillable feature not only benefits the artist’s wallet but also promotes environmental sustainability by reducing plastic waste. By refilling the markers instead of buying new ones, artists can contribute to a greener and more eco-friendly art practice.

must have copic marker: ACMI Certified

must have copic marker


ACMI certified and conforming to ASTM D-4236, all Copic markers, including the Sketch markers.. This certification ensures that the markers meet strict safety standards and are safe to use. Artists can have peace of mind knowing that these markers have undergone rigorous testing and comply with industry regulations. The ACMI certification guarantees that the markers are of high quality and can be trusted for professional use.

must have copic marker: Wide Variety of Colors

must have copic marker


Included in the 72pc Set D are the Copic Sketch markers, which offer a wide variety of mid-tones and fluorescent colors.. This diverse range of colors allows artists to explore their creativity and create vibrant illustrations. Whether you’re working on a colorful piece or adding subtle shades to your artwork, the Copic Sketch markers provide an extensive color palette to choose from. With these markers, artists can bring their visions to life with precision and accuracy.

must have copic marker: Positive Customer Reviews

must have copic marker


Expressed their satisfaction with the product, customers who have purchased the Copic Sketch markers.. Many reviewers praised the markers’ exceptional performance, high-quality ink, and beautiful color selection. Artists appreciated the markers’ ability to blend smoothly and produce consistent lines. While some reviewers mentioned minor issues with packaging or dried-out markers, the majority of customers were impressed with the overall quality and performance of the Copic Sketch markers.

A Must-Have for Serious Artists


Highly recommended for serious artists who are passionate about their craft, the Copic Sketch markers.. With their premium quality, refillable nature, and wide range of colors, these markers provide artists with the tools they need to create stunning illustrations. Whether you’re a professional artist or an aspiring one, investing in the Copic Sketch markers will elevate your artwork to the next level. Join the countless artists who have fallen in love with these amazing markers and experience the difference they can make in your artistic journey.


  • Premium Alcohol-Based Markers Made in Japan: The Copic Sketch markers are made with high-quality alcohol ink that dries quickly and doesn’t harm the paper. The ink is low-odor and non-toxic, making it safe to use. The markers also have an oval barrel design for comfortable grip.
  • Replaceable Nibs: The Copic Sketch markers come with both a super brush nib and a medium broad nib. The flexible brush nib is perfect for blending, shading, and creating thick and thin strokes. The broad nib is great for consistent lines and adding details. The nibs are also replaceable, allowing you to extend the life of your markers.
  • Refillable: The Copic Sketch markers are refillable, which means you can save money and be environmentally friendly. You can easily refill the markers with Copic Ink, instead of buying new markers every time they run out of ink.


  • Packaging Issues: Some customers have reported receiving markers with damaged or cracked cases. This can be disappointing, especially when purchasing an expensive set of markers. It’s important to contact the seller or Amazon for a replacement or refund if this happens.
  • Limited Blending Combinations: One reviewer mentioned that while the colors in Set D are beautiful, there aren’t many blending combinations available. This could be a drawback for artists looking for a wider range of blending options.
  • Lightfastness Concerns: The Copic Sketch markers are not rated for lightfastness, which means they may fade over time when exposed to sunlight. If you plan on displaying your artwork, it’s recommended to make color copies to preserve the vibrancy of your work.

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Overall, the Copic Sketch, 72pc Set D is a high-quality product. It delivers on its promise of premium markers with versatile drawing capabilities. The markers arrived in good condition, and the colors are vibrant. While there were some issues with packaging and dried-out markers in one set, the customer service was helpful in resolving the problem. If you’re serious about your art, investing in this set of Copic markers is a must.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are the Copic Sketch markers safe to use?

Answer: Yes, the Copic Sketch markers are made with low-odor and non-toxic ink, making them safe for use.

Question: Are the nibs replaceable?

Answer: Yes, the Copic Sketch markers come with both a super brush nib and a medium broad nib, and both are replaceable.

Question: Can I refill the Copic Sketch markers?

Answer: Yes, the Copic Sketch markers are refillable. You can easily refill them with Copic Ink, saving money and being environmentally friendly.

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