WHY DRAWING is good for you

Why drawing is good for you and important. When you draw, you feel the most at ease. You often make use of it for therapy and stress relief. Also, creating something from nothing make you feel productive, and it makes you feel good about yourself


Furthermore, being present in the moment and focused during a drawing session can be a feeling similar to meditation. It’s relaxing to work on a picture you think looks nice. You feel great about what you made and it’s a sense of accomplishment.


Drawing” doesn’t necessarily just mean taking a pencil and paper but to generalize it, it’s really called art. There are also sketches to make a final work or just sketching. Every artist has trouble when they first start so if you or anyone else feels as if its “bad” or any of the sort, as everyone says, practice makes perfect (not perfect, but I’m sure you catch my drift)


For those of us that do not find it natural to draw right away need to warm up and practice. If you want to become to your standard of good then only practice can help. Drawing has muscle memory. If you get up to walk in the morning it is because you practiced from a baby and have that muscle memory. Knowing how to eat with a knife and fork is also muscle memory. You can lose your muscle memory to walk or eat with a knife and fork and would need to relearn it. Drawing is similar in that you need to keep the muscles in practice


How people draw depends on how long they’ve been practicing. Everybody has their own strengths and sometimes is the patient kind. Why people draw, there is no right or wrong for that answer. It can either be a feeling or what they’ve been doing since they have been a kid.



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July 6, 2022

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